HDMI TFT Modules

Fusing quality with reliability.

HDMI Capability is Here.

Introducing Newhaven Display’s HDMI TFT product line. These twelve new TFT modules come ready to interface with a standard HDMI connection, and are USB-HID interface ready with a standard micro USB cable. Fusing the high quality of Newhaven Display’s products with the reliability of HDMI infrastructure, these new TFT displays are easier to design into a project than ever before. Simply connect any standard HDMI cable, DC power, and USB (if using a touch panel) to the display module and your setup is complete.

HDMI’s long awaited integration with our product library has arrived. Now is the time to start utilizing HDMI interface displays in your application.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

—Leonardo DaVinci



HDMI Interfacing

USB-HID Support

Quality TI Hardware

On-Board DC Power

The HDMI you’re familiar with is now the vehicle for data and command transmission to your display. Easy and reliable.

Both the resistive & capacitive touch panel options available with these products come with configured USB-HID. Plug the the panel in via USB and drivers will be installed automatically.

High quality hardware from Texas Instruments™ is used in the board design to ensure the best performance, and the longest product life cycle.

An on-board DC power port is integrated to be sure that power supply is not an issue in providing ample power for peak display performance.